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Highlighting Historical Romance: Wareeze Woodson

Welcome Wareeze and thank you for sharing this interesting topic! __________________________________________________________ Thank you for allowing me to share a little history with you and your readers. I write historical romance and have three published by Soul Mate Publishing: Conduct Unbecoming a Gentleman, An Enduring Love and my latest release, A Lady’s Vanishing Choices. On a […]

Monday Motivations: Winter

I know, I know. That’s an odd one for a motivator. A friend just said temps below freezing and snow make for a good day to finish her edits.  I say grey skies, threatening snow, and sub zero wind chills make the world an unpleasant place. I can a)get depressed or b) slip into my […]

Highlighting Historical Fiction: Maggie Mundy

Regular readers will note that I try to highlight a different writer of historical fiction every Thursday.  Yes, I know, I’m late this week. I have no excuse, tender readers except, well February. I’m having a hard time remembering what day of the week it is! Today Maggy Mundy  brings some interesting thoughts on grim […]

Join the Hunt for Valentine’s Weekend

This Bluestocking Belles hero/heroine is missing his/her valentine. Will you help? For prize and entry details, see   Can you match this one?

A Valentine’s Day Scavenger Hunt

Join the Bluestocking Belles Valentine hunt. Match the heroes with their heroines to be entered in a draw for their book. For entry details, see Can you match this one?