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Highlighting Historical Romance: Addie Jo Ryleigh

Today we have an interview with Addie Jo Ryleigh author of The Duke’s Temptation. Why do you write historical romance (or historical novels if appropriate)? I fell in love with historical romances when I was still young and impressionable. After that they just stuck with me. It is what my mind gravitated to when I […]

Highlighting Historical Romance: Samanthya Wyatt

Today we welcome Samanthya Wyatt and her fascinating research for The Only One, a historical novel featuring an English duke whose mission takes him to New Orleans in the 1800s. ___________________________________________________________ I find that I get a lot more accomplished if I just sit at the computer and write. But if I want my story […]

Owls and I

I’ve been away from my computer for several days. Did you miss me? <grin> I came home to piles of work and news both challenging and good. The best of the bunch is this picture. In past weeks I have given away a few of these plush snowy owls. They are Audubon branded and, when […]

Highlighting Historical Romance: Sandra Masters

Hello Readers and Writers: My story ONCE UPON A DUKE has been ruminating since 2007. It is now published by The Wild Rose Press in digital and print versions. INTERVIEW QUESTIONS from the author to His Grace, Geoffrey: Interviewer: What is your main fear, Duke? His Grace: Getting leg shackled by a woman. I fear […]

Highlighting Historical Romance: Kathryn Kane

My thanks to Caroline for inviting me to guest here today. In my debut Regency romance, Deflowering Daisy, some of the most important scenes in the story take place in a lavish rose garden on a secluded country estate in England. Rose gardens became fashionable during the Regency due to the magnificent rose garden which […]