The Entitled Gentlemen

Some families have twisted history. Aristocratic titles can be unexpected boons, smugly anticipated entitlements, unexpected burdens, disappointing loss, or bonfires of contention. Sometimes more than one. These are some Entitled Gentlemen. There will be more.

The Ashmead Heirs

When the old Earl of Clarion leaves a will with bequests for all his children, legitimate and not, listing each and their mothers by name, many lives in the village of Ashmead are complicated—especially those of The Ashmead Heirs.

Children of Empire

Children of Empire, features young men driven by ambition and courage to explore the fringes of the British Empire on the brink of a new queen and a new era, their challenges and disillusionment, and the women who ultimately carry them home.

The Dangerous Series

In The Dangerous Series, four friends loyally protect one another from peril in all its forms but eventually discover their most vulnerable places are their hearts. They all have to learn that that love is worth the risk.


Stand Alone Novels

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  1. I love Fire &Frost, love the dress. Thanks for the chance.

  2. I’d like to continue the Dangerous series with Dangerous Weakness. Thank you!

  3. Just finished the Ashmead Heirs series and cannot wait for Entitled Gentlemem. Hope they come out soon.

  4. I like the layout and ease of use, Thanks for all of the hard work ? to revamp the ? shelf!

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