Duke in Name Only

The Entitled Gentlemen Book 2


Misfortune is an excellent teacher.

When Phillip Tavernash, Ninth Duke of Glenmoor, discovers his title was bestowed on him fraudulently, he embarks on a journey to North America determined to succeed on his own. It doesn’t go well. He has no idea what a fish out of water he will be.

Nan Archer had to summon enough backbone to stand up to her father and older brother, who moved their family across the frontier every time civilization reached any clearing in which they’d made a stake. She has landed on the banks of the Mississippi and built something of her own, the tavern Archers’ Roost. She will go no further.

When Nan’s brother dumps a pathetic traveler, robbed, beaten, and wounded on her tavern floor, she takes him in as she would any wounded duck. That he called himself duke is cause for hilarity.

Attraction blooms easily, but can Phillip look past his life of privilege to find what he’s seeking deep inside himself? Can he convince her she’s the answer to his search?

Is he a duke or a bastard? Does it matter in the end?


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