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30 thoughts on “Newsletter

  1. I like your books, I just don’t have the time it takes to read all the email’s I have been getting lately. I will continue to support you and buy the books.

  2. I have tried to sign up for your newsletter, but I have not received anything. I did not see anything in my spam. I can’t figure out what is wrong. Thanks.

  3. Hello Caroline! I love page 6 and the cover for The Reluctant Wife. Thank you

  4. I,m looking forward to your new releases, The Reluctant wife and A Holiday in Bath. Thank you

  5. Caroline, I am very excited to find one of your books to read. Soul Mate will publish my book, Adrian’s Pearl on May 30. My other books are self-published and not as yet picked up by an editor. War hero Adrian has returned to London with a cloud over his head.He is appalled at conditions for returning soldiers. Beautiful Catherine loses all when her beautiful face is scarred, a casualty of the London Season’s wars. Adrian’s Pearl is not only a romance but it also parallels problems besetting Veterans today. Would you be interested in reading this book and giving it a positive comment? One aspect of your novels that interests me is the unusual settings. I like reading stories set in the Regency but there is so much more to that time than the London Season. Thank you for considering my request. Adrian’s Pearl is 400 pages.

  6. I love your website. I love that you are supporting girls’ education with upcoming projects, and I really love that you have been married 48 years! That’s quite an accomplishment!

  7. I have just finished reading The Fugitive Fiance. That was a wonderful little story, If you can, I would like to read a couple chapters of Alice and Grant’s family after they have be married about 5 years, I always want to know how many children they are blessed with.

    • I’m glad you liked it. Sometimes I can slip something like that in as secondary characters in another story. I will keep these two in mind. I’ve made up children for all the characters in my Dangerous series, and hope to gradually give them stories of their own.

  8. I’m new to your books. My first was about the Christmas nativity. I loved it so immediately ordered the series featuring the cousins. I know I’ll enjoy those also.

    • Books 1-3 are out. Book Four, The Upright Son is scheduled for the last week in May but could slip a week or two. Two additional books based on the duke’s heirs in The Defiant Daughter follow. I don’t have firm dates but likely October and January.

  9. Carol, so sorry to hear Beloved is ill. As you know, I am well acquainted with this situation; just wanted you to know someone cares and identifies with your pain. Best, Frances Black

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