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Christmas Hope

I had bit of excitement this week. Christmas Hope has gone to the editor for its final edit, and over the weekend I revealed the cover to the world. I did my last clean up of the file last week and almost shed a wee tear. I do love the story. How do you like […]

Why Stories

Stories inspire our souls for sure. They also heal our minds and I suspect, bodies as well. I’ve always said a good book is my drug of choice and I’m not exaggerating. I have no verifiable proof, of course, but my experience tells me I’m on to something. Under stress, feeling bad, going through a […]

Art and Passion in Florence

Highlighting Historical Romance with Belle Ami, Leonardo Da Vinci, and Fioretta Gorini The Girl Who Knew Da Vinci is a romance/suspense/historical/time-travel thriller. Whew, that’s a lot of categories, however it correctly covers the genres. It spans a time period of 500 years beginning in the Renaissance. Angela Renatus, my heroine who is an art historian, […]

It’s a Stretch

The peas have gone wild this year. I have to go up on tip toe to get the ones eighteen inches above my head. I’ve been picking them every day, but the little darlings also disguise themselves as leaves so I miss some of the lower ones. By the next day when I find them, […]

Anzacs on the Western Front

Highlighting Historical Romance with Jan Selbourne’s thoughts on World War I battlefields. In 2015 I joined an Anzacs on the Western Front tour, visiting the Belgian and French WW1 battlefields where my grandfather and his brother served with the Australian Imperial Forces.  Looking at the lovely towns and villages and soft green fields it was […]