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A Private Moment

Overwhelmed by opinions and advice from family about her future, Fanny is relieved when Eli pulls her aside. For Eli’s part, it is job to make a recommendation to the earl about what assistance the estate can give her. She refers to her young siblings as “the duckings” by the way. *** Eli led Fanny […]

Church Courts

“Generally the person who is to grant administration is the bishop of the diocese , or his officer , where the intestate dwelled…” That is, not the civil courts but the ecclesiastical courts. Who might be the administrator? Generally next of kin—the son if he was of age. After that it gets very murky. Fans […]

A Man of Action

Eli Benson is the hero of The Forgotten Daughter. Eli isn’t a duke. He isn’t a pirate, spy, or soldier. He’s a solicitor and the Earl of Clarion’s steward. He certainly doesn’t think of himself as a man of action. Unless of course, he has to be. This is an action scene from early in […]

Labor Day

My soul finds rest in God alone. (Psalm 62) Time to rest—but first, coffee.

An Arrow of Righteousness

My current focus is on The Forgotten Daughter. Deadlines loom—Yikes! This one begins with a shop clerk in Manchester on the brink of ruin. *** Frances Hancock—Fanny to those who cared—always knew she was a bastard. Her mother’s husband made sure of that. She didn’t know her father was an earl until her mother died. […]