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Victorian Women Scientists

Highlighting the facts behind historical romance with Elizabeth Everett on women scientists in the Victorian era. One of the joys of writing historical romance is doing research before writing the book. Some of the research makes it into the book, but most of it lives in my head, giving me the context for my characters. […]

He’s Broken

The Value of Pity progresses slowly. There’s been a terrible accident. Here’s a bit for WIP Wednesday. *** People were milling around and hollering— she had no idea what they said—panic rose. Find Arthur. Find Arthur. Find Arthur. Find Arthur. He could be somewhere in the tangle of wheels and wood, but when she saw […]

Always Something to Argue About

…It took the Christian Church centuries to decide when to celebrate Easter and we’re still not all on the same page. The earliest Church simply followed their Jewish brethren and celebrated Easter on Passover, which date is determined by a lunar calendar. Some locations chose to celebrated it on a Sunday, the one during or […]

Exploring Old San Francisco

I like to travel. Sometimes I travel in the real world. (My list has only 15 countries, so I have a ways to go.) Sometimes I can’t, but that doesn’t stop me. I ramble off somewhere just about every day in my imagination or in other authors’ books. This week I took an invigorating turn […]


Highlighting Historical Romance with Charlotte Brothers and the facts about Allhallowtide behind A Bird in the Hand. Thank you, Caroline and readers, for this opportunity to wave my hand in the air and share a little bit about A Year in Cherrybrook. I am a big fan of Caroline’s well-crafted stories, and the Bluestocking Belles […]