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Seers and Psychics

Highlighting Historical Romance with Cathleen Ross who mixes psychic elements in Scottish historical fiction. When I was doing my research for Highlander Romances, I came across a fascinating blog post about The Brahan Seer, or Coinneach Odhar who is famous in Scotland for predicting the future. Apparently, the Scottish had a different view about seers […]

Into the Cave

I just finished edits on a short story. I have first drafts of a novella and a full novel to tackle next. Consider me in my editing hell, er, cave for the week. As to the short story, look for it in my newsletter. I hope to get that to you later this week. But […]

Prairie Hearts

Highlighting Historical Romance with Ana Morgan who shares one of her stories set in North American prairie country. The terms Great Plains and prairie are not synonymous, although the eastern portion of the Great Plains is primarily prairie. The rest is steppe, the two distinguished by types of plant life. Prairies are the great sea […]

Laboring on Labor Day

I’m already two mugs in today, folks. The good news is I finished a short story –it will be my gift to all my newsletter subscribers. I also finished an ebook cover for it this morning. I’ve begun writing The Cost of Money (The name is iffy. Maybe The Snare of Riches). At the same […]

Food in Roman Britain

Highlighting Historical Fiction with Cindy Tomamichel who discusses food in Roman Britain Reading about food is always fun, and more so when it is in the past. What did people eat, and how has food changed over time? I write time travel historical fantasy set in Roman Britain. I use various resources for research, including […]