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My Vengeful Wallflower

I finally typed THE END on my first rough draft in eighteen months or more, and it feels good. It is for Snowed by the Wallflower, which is on order now. In this bit Bel’s cousin Cecil (the rat) pushed John into the tiny buttery she uses as a laboratory, and locked the door: John’s […]

Marching Along

Eighteen months ago I was hitting a goal of 2000 words a day, a pace that enabled me to finish a book every four months, a pace needed for writing a series. During my annus horribilis — hospitals, emergency rooms, funerals—I stopped writing entirely. Since February, I’ve struggled through good days and bad days, trying […]

Free Books!

Dragonblade has gone all out offering thirty free books, all of them first in series, one of them familiar to my readers.

In Which Our Heroine is Shocked

Belinda Westcott’s aunt has a terrible cook. She believes the food is better when Belinda is there to encourage the woman. She has no idea Belinda does the cooking herself. Of course it makes her late when the guests at the house party gather before dinner… She’s in for a shock. Taking a quick glance […]

Life and Death

We had a glorious Easter—Alleluias, soaring music, sunshine, flowers, and warmth. I was reminded, though, that in order to have Easter, you must have Good Friday first. As CS Lewis famously said, “The pain I feel now is the happiness I had before. That is the deal.” My readers are probably aware this has been […]