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The Need to Act

In the stress and confusion of life in a pandemic, few things have been clear to me lately. Social distancing works; it is our most important weapon. People of an age and state that makes them likely to take up scarce medical resources if exposed, must quarantine. I have to remind myself that doing nothing […]

All in a Name

Highlighting Historical Romance with Mageela Troche and the challenge of character names. A Scottish surname identifies much about a person at least it did before the destruction of clan in the eighteenth century. When I created the sexy, charming, Alpha hero Lachlan, I needed a surname. If you ever named a character, a pet or […]

Joy in Solitude

These are my joys this week: Cinnamon. In pie. In cookies. In oatmeal. The smell alone is a joy. Beloved uses it freely and we were able to restock. Music. Laugh if you think of me dancing to Old Time Rock and Roll, and you won’t be far off. Daughter #2 sends music suggestions daily. […]

Armory Square Hospital

Highlighting Historical Romance with Kathy Otten on American Civil War hospitals While researching Civil War hospitals I came across a book by Amanda Akin Stearns, Lady Nurse of Ward E. She served at Armory Square Hospital and her book provided so much information, I chose that hospital in which to set my story. When the […]

Sailing Unknown Waters

Nothing could have prepared us for the current situation, at least not entirely. We are indeed sailing into unknown waters. Our isolation may stretch into weeks or months. We don’t know where we’ll land, but land we will. Will there be dragons? Milk and honey? A radical new land? Home Port? We loath the unknown, […]