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Launch Week!

As I continue to work away bit by bit on The Ashmead Heirs, Book 4, The Upright Son, suddenly Book 3, The Forgotten Daughter is about to launch. It will be released into the wild on Thursday, January 27. If you haven’t ordered a copy you still have three days to buy it for 99 […]

An Unexpected Visitor

***** The marchioness glanced around her drawing room. “It is… cozy.” “It suits. Now tell me again what you’re doing here. What is this business about talking sense into the Earl of Clarion?” “Danbury wants him for Home Secretary. The current government frets while unrest seethes and the Home Secretary either refuses to face it […]

New Fangled Miracles

You can find them on her YouTube channel, something that would amaze the good people of Ashmead or even the Children of Empire.

Slow But Steady

The morning after a storm pounded the south and east, and the urban wilds of Eastern Pennsylvania (and New Jersey) awoke to steady rain that has washed away last evenings snow. Alas snow flurries have returned but they don’t amount to much. I’ll take it! Progress was made on The Upright Son last week, but […]

January Woes

Let’s begin with the good news: The Forgotten Daughter is available for pre-order and on schedule for a January 27 release. Please do pre-order. It is only 99 cents now, but it will revert to full retail price on after launch. The candles came out of the windows the day after Epiphany. In the Regency […]