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Nightingale, Mother Seacole, and the Reform of Medicine

Highlighting the Facts behind Historical Romance with Stephanie Patterson and A Terrible Beauty Much of my information regarding the Crimean War came from the personal accounts of Mary Seacole, Florence Nightingale and Fanny Duberly, as well as dozens of historical articles and texts. Florence Nightingale met with a great deal of resistance in attempting to […]

Not Just a Christmas Treat

Highlighting facts behind historical fiction with Jude Knight and the Gingerbread Bride The term Gingerbread is now used to mean any sweet treat that uses ginger with one or more of honey, molasses, or treacle. It can refer to shapes or edible houses made of cookie dough with those ingredients, or more cake-like loaves. Whatever, […]

Writing is Writing

Writing is writing isn’t it? I began a family history sixteen years ago and issued chapters to Beloved’s brothers and his many, many, many nieces and nephews as a binder, adding bits as I finished them. After putting it off for several years after out big move, I decided to get the last two chapters […]

Wish I Were There

Highlighting the facts behind setting in historical romance with Kerryn Reid and her novel Anna’s Refuge It’s natural for a writer to set her stories in places she loves. She’ll be spending a lot of time there as she writes, even if only in her imagination, so it helps if she enjoys it! But even […]

Coffee and Sudden Turns

The work took a sudden turn two weeks ago. I didn’t start The Defiant Daughter until I had a firm handle on the main characters. At least I thought I did. My hold on the external conflict, or as I have come to call it “the villain plot” was less secure. I plunged in and […]