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Hyde Park was a Crush

If you’ve followed me, you probably know I like to travel. Sometimes I travel in the real world. (My list has only 15 countries, so I have a ways to go.) Sometimes I can’t, but that doesn’t stop me. I ramble off somewhere just about every day in my imagination or in other authors’ books. […]

Root Cellar as a Mortuary in Victorian England

Highlighting the facts behind romantic fiction with Jeanine Englert on root cellars and laying out the dead. When I began writing my Victorian romantic suspense, Lovely Digits, whose heroine is a layer-out of the dead and a poor one at that, I had to find a way for her to complete her work, preparing the […]

The Missing and the Dead

The heroine and her stepson, the Duke of Glenmoor, are looking for his half brother Gideon who may have been sent to their father’s mines  in Wales years before. They are horrified by the place. *** They climbed up rickety stairs to the ramshackle wooden structure that passed for an office. The colliery manager, stunned […]

Claims to Peerage

…that titles were rarely rescinded, historically, even if the Crown made a mistake, because, well, the Crown didn’t make mistakes. According to Debrett’s, “When a hereditary peer dies, and his heir wishes to prove his claim to the title, he or she must provide suitable documentary evidence to the Crown Office of the House of […]

Good News and Stubbed Toes

I have drafts for five new covers! Not only do I have the draft for The Price of Glory, but all four covers for the Ashmead Heirs series! (Information about those books is here.) All five covers are gorgeous, and I cling to that good news. Once they are final, I’ll be sharing them in […]