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Treasure Found

Last week you may recall, I started scoping out the village and county that will be the main setting of my new regency series. I decided to set the inn and village sort of generally in the Midlands and plodded along creating roads and inventing a river and other natural features, but when I began […]

Life During the Great Depression

Highlighting Historical Romance with Patricia Kiyono on the Great Depresson and its impact on ordinary folks. The years in American history known as the Great Depression had a lasting effect on the people who lived through it. Though my father wasn’t one to complain, he mentioned a few things about his childhood that told me […]

A Mountain of Names

What a lovely thing to find at the end of the holiday weekend, a wonderful review for Christmas Hope. Yes, I believe it is a gem, and it is wonderful to have someone else say so. Character work on the new series has been humming along. I’ve scoped out backgrounds for two heroes and a […]

Chicago Movie Makers

Highlighting Historical Romance with D.C. Reep who shares the history of silent movie makers in Chicago As a lifelong movie buff, I was naturally drawn to a story about early movies and the people who worked in them. The characters in this novel are fictional, but movie making in Chicago was a bustling business at […]

Much Thanks!

While I’m zipping around cleaning house, stocking up on pumpkin pie ingredients, and remembering how to thaw a turkey—while working my way through character development sheets and keeping up with a hectic blog schedule—I wanted to take a moment to thank you all. When I take stock of my many blessings, I count readers high […]