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Georgian Home Design

Highlighting Historical Romance with Cerise DeLand on the little details that make an English house a heroine’s home. I’ve often delighted in touring English houses. In every nook and cranny, I’ve found little joys that I’ve tried to add in my novels. In my fictitious Dudley Crescent that I invented for this series, Delightful Doings […]


One of the most satisfying things for a writer is typing The End on a rough draft. It isn’t the actual end of the process (layers of fixes, rewrites, comments from beta readers, editing, and formatting lie ahead), but it is the point at which the thing exists. I had a moment like that last […]

The Pleasures of Brighton

Highlighting Historical Romance explores Brighton with Linda Hoover Thank you for the opportunity to share some of the things I learned while researching for my newest book, Lighter Than Air, set in 1900 and in which the heroine, Elena, learns that her father had until the end of the summer to pay a gambling debt […]

Chill Out

Some days are just good for relaxing and little else. I remembered the fallen by going to Mass this morning, and managed to get some beef into the slow cooker for barbecue sandwiches. Aside from that? Maybe I’ll read. I’ll probably write a scene or two. No parades or grilling out for me today. But […]

Pregnancy in the 19th Century

Highlighting Historical Romance with Nancy Thorne with issues around childbirth and pregnancy. Childbirth in the 19th century was the most common cause of death in women. Still, it was expected as the norm that a married woman will bear children, and that they will be her life’s purpose … a woman’s place in society. In […]