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Monsieur Talleyrand – Complex and Brilliant

Highlighting Historical Romance with Saralee Etter who gives us some of the facts behind one of the stories in A Legend to Love If I were going to invite a guest from any time in history to dine with me, my choice would be Charles-Maurice de Talleyrand-Périgord, also known as the Prince de Talleyrand, the […]

The Unwelcome Arrival

In a series yet to be announced, book one (Shhh—the not yet announced title is Duke in All But Name) features a duke who has gone missing and the man sent to pick up the pieces. Readers of The Defiant Daughter may recognize him. *** “The vultures are circling for sure now.” Old Fillmore looked […]

An Unlikely Butler at Clifford’s Tower

I travel. Sometimes I travel by boat, plane, or automobile. Sometimes I travel by book. Sometimes I explore the real world. This week I rambled around York with three more of the Seahaven daughters. The Bigglesworths’ handsome and rather unusual butler accompanied Lady Bess (and my humble self, of course) when she escorted the younger […]

A Sure Bet–Thoroughbreds, Society, and the York Races

Highlighting Historical Fiction with Jude Knight and the facts behind Desperate Daughters Horse racing was a Regency passion. Many gentlemen bred and trained racehorses. Even more, from all classes, watched and wagered on the races. Nor was it just men. Women, too, loved the sport, and the opportunity to dress up for a day at […]

Getting Started

The past week or so I finished planning and preparation for the next book (name and series to be announced). I am faced with the dreaded Beginning. How do I get this thing off the ground? *** The Duke of Glenmoor was dead. Or so Dinah’s cousin claimed. Of course, Eustace was deep in his […]