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Private charity and the Great Slums

Highlighting the facts behind Historical Romance with Jude Knight and her Children of the Mountain King. In Regency Britain, one in ten families lived below the ‘breadline’, and at times as many as two in five. Many people were precariously balanced on a knife edge where illness, accidents or old age could tumble them into […]

Family Ties Can Choke a Man

Sir Robert Benson came to Ashmead at the request of his sister—his half sister—planning to leave as soon as he could. In this bit for WIP Wednesday from The Wayward Son he has been dragged into a family party to celebrate the birthday of the man he thought was his father before he learned the […]

Anti-Asian Violence, an Old Story

Did you know… …that the California Supreme Court ruled in 1854 that an Asian person couldn’t testify against a white person in a criminal proceeding. Unfortunately, anti-Asian violence began almost as soon as single young men were recruited in great numbers in the 1850s to work in the California gold fields and, soon after, to […]

So Little Time, So Much to Write

Just a quick message while I chug my coffee: I’m knee deep in writing and expecting overnight company all week. Did you see the updates I made to the Bookshelf last week? What did you think? I think I better get Book 2 of the Ashmead Heirs finished. I’m 2/3 there. I’m also researching the […]

Visiting Grosvener Square

I travel. Sometimes I travel by boat, plane, or automobile. Sometimes I travel by book. This week I rambled through Mayfair with Mary Lancaster from a modest home on Half Moon Street to a shabby past its prime house on Charles Street to the homes of the truly wealthy on Grosvener Square.   As opulent […]