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Sullivan the Storyteller

Highlighting Historical Romance with Saralee Etter who would invite a composer to dinner if she could. If I were to give a dinner party, famous composer Sir Arthur Sullivan would be right at the top of my guest list. He’s best known as the musical half of Gilbert & Sullivan, the duo who revolutionized musical […]

A Beguine is Not a Nun

Highlighting Historical Romance with Rue Allyn and her tales of the beguines. In the middle ages, a nun was a religious female member of the church who took solemn vows. A Beguine is also a religious female who took solemn vows. What’s the difference? Beguines were not members of any church sanctioned group. A Beguine, […]

Christmas Hope

I had bit of excitement this week. Christmas Hope has gone to the editor for its final edit, and over the weekend I revealed the cover to the world. I did my last clean up of the file last week and almost shed a wee tear. I do love the story. How do you like […]

Why Stories

Stories inspire our souls for sure. They also heal our minds and I suspect, bodies as well. I’ve always said a good book is my drug of choice and I’m not exaggerating. I have no verifiable proof, of course, but my experience tells me I’m on to something. Under stress, feeling bad, going through a […]