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Writers Have Questions: Many, Many Questions

Highlighting history with Brenda Whiteside who began with a list of questions. It’s 1947. What is the art community saying about the atomic bomb? How forward and risqué is it to lie on the beach, pregnant, in a swimsuit? When was the G.I. Bill for education introduced? When was sun tan lotion invented? It’s 1956. […]


Some mornings are harder than others. Didn’t feel well all weekend (not serious but still…). So no post this morning. But here’s one I did that posted yesterday: Ironic, really. I’m trying to get it together. But first, more coffee.

Gaelic Marriage Law

Highlighting Historical Romance with Ashley York who writes about marriage in medieval Ireland. Marriage being performed in a church is, historically speaking, a pretty recent development. It wasn’t until the late middle ages (1300-1500) that marriage itself became one of the Seven Sacraments within the church. In Éire (Ireland) 1095, where my story takes place, […]


It is better to light one candle than to curse the darkness. W. L. Watkinson These are dark times. Regarding George Floyd, my outrage is so great, I have no words. No that isn’t correct, I have too many words, some angry, some filled with sorrow, all full of outrage (but alas not shock) that […]

Life in Old California

Highlighting Historical with Pamela Gibson who reflects on life in old California. In my book, Return of the Fox, set in pre-gold rush California, the first few chapters take place during the festivities associated with a wedding. In Alta California’s rancho days, weddings of the upper classes—always Catholic—were followed by many outdoor activities including barbecues, […]