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Regency Folk Loved Roses

…that the Empress Josephine influenced the popularity of rose cultivation in the late Georgian era? Napoleon’s beloved first wife assembled the largest number of varieties of roses every assembled in a single place. She also fostered the breeding of new types. Throughout the entire Georgian period including the Regency, rose growing was a passion. Roses […]

A Man in Black

I typed “The End” on the bottom of Duke in All But Name last weekend. I’m taking a break from it while some eagle eyed beta readers take a look. I should know by next weekend if the plot holds together as well as I hope. Then I’ll get down to the serious work of […]

A Safer Route to Freedom

Did you know… …that the Underground Railroad wasn’t the only route to freedom? Enslaved people in Louisiana and Texas were aware that Mexico abolished slavery in 1829. Because what is now Texas had a growing number of immigrants from slave-holding states who took offense, it was one of the factors behind the Texas revolt of […]

So It Begins

A brisk knock interrupted his thoughts. “Enter.” A footman entered, different from the night before. This one studied Gideon with naked speculation and a canny expression. “Mr. Marshall assigned me to be your manservant, you coming without one.” Marshall. The assigning of servants should lie with the butler not the steward. Gideon knew a spy […]

Family is the Very Devil

This one is about half done. The working title is Duke in All But Name. ***** Kendrick Colliery, Wales, August 1818 The rich wood paneling of the mine owner’s office glowed in flickering lamplight. Though barely noon, grey clouds hung heavily over the valley and little light filtered through the window. Gideon Kendrick reread the […]