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Under Garments or None

Highlighting Historical Romance with Susan Varno who shares what garments Regency women wore under their cloth…and when they didn’t bother with any. During the Regency Period, what did ladies of refinement wear next to their skin? Ladies usually wore a chemise, either ending below the waist or halfway down the calf. If worn at all, […]

Beta Reading

I’ve written before about the phases of writing a book, of which completing a rough draft and typing “the end” is one step. After an author has gone through it a few times, smoothing out the rough and getting it more or less in shape, some authors—I’m one—like to give the book to beta readers […]

The Aspirin of the Regency

Highlighting Historical Romance with Pamela Gibson who shares thoughts about laudanum. Laudanum has been called the aspirin of the Regency period. It was available without a prescription from apothecaries, pubs, and other places of business. Made of opium alkaloids including morphine and codeine, it came in various strengths and forms, usually as a tincture mixed […]


While tap dancing. And balancing a ball on my nose. I typed those wonderful words at the bottom of my novella for the Bluestocking Belles’ next collection: The End. Which means of course, the beginning of more work. I have until Friday to work my way through it in the first of what will be […]

Serving God: the Regency Parish

Highlighting Historical Romance with Jude Knight who explains landowners and livings: the Regency parish The church and the parish were important in rural England in the first part of the nineteenth century. Faith in God was a simple part of life for most ordinary people, if not for the idle rich. Besides, village life depended […]