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A Bit of This and That

Busy week! Since I saw you last (so to speak) I planted flowers, hauled beloved to Home Depot (twice), weeded two beds, repotted an orchid, weed-whacked the back yard, and cleaned the clutter that accumulates when a husband is left to his own devices for three weeks. I also gave The Defiant Daughter her very […]

Into the Slums with Aldridge

I travel. Sometimes I travel by boat, plane, or automobile. Sometimes I travel by book. Sometimes I explore the real world. This week I rambled through the worst sections of London with the Marquis of Aldridge. I wouldn’t normally dare go to St. Giles, Seven Dials, the Devil’s Acre etc., the lairs of thieves, murderers, […]

Love at War: a WWII Narrative

Highlighting the facts behind Historical Romance with Viola Russell and her novel, Love at War. I began writing my novel Love at War after reading letters my Uncle Russell wrote home during World War II. Russell wrote a series of letters to my grandparents (his parents) and to his wife Vivian. Vivian also wrote him […]

The Curate Strays

I’m working on a novella this week. How does this work? My hero is a poor curate who oversees a mission called Pilgrim’s Rest. *** “Do you think they can make home before dark?” Doro Bigglesworth had come up beside him, shutting the door to Pilgrim’s Rest. “Perhaps. Perhaps the Lord will supply them with […]

The Writer Returns!

Sometimes family comes first. Life—in the form of family—intervened to complicate my July. You may have noticed I was absent from this blog, but I’m back at my usual desk and catching up. Still, I kept working as I could all month. While I was gone: The Price of Glory went live. We had a […]