jA4 But First Coffee I had the good pleasure to spend last week with a good friend. We attended that most American event, a baseball game. Beer and hotdogs were had. She’s a terrific gardener, and mine is better off for her visit. We also had some tense moments when Beloved bumped his head and spent one day in the ER. All is well, however, and that is cause to celebrate. I hope all my US based readers have a fantastic Fourth, letting go of our challenges and squabbles and remembering what good thing we have going for us!

I hope all of you saw my newsletter last week and the offers of free books! We’ve also gotten some new opportunities for preorder. The Dragonblade authors joined together to present a Historical Recipe Cookbook. I contributed a recipe for Chelsea Buns as served at the Willow and the Rose in Ashmead. I had to create them first and they were yummy. Also on preorder is Dukes and Diamonds. They say ladies are like diamonds. No two are the same! It won’t be out until January but you can preorder it now. Watch for my story, The Awbury Diamond.

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Meanwhile, I am writing at least a bit on The Unlikely Duke every day, not matter how disrupted or hectic my life gets. Today is no exception, but first, coffee.

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