Life is good!

We have new books to celebrate.

While I have been absent from this blog, Duke in Name Only went live and got some much deserved attention on Facebook. The early reviews are terrific.

This is an exciting story filled with adventure, danger, discovery, and romance…that holds your attention start to finish with a happy ending on two continents.

Really enjoyable, you will not be able to stop once you have turned the first page!

350337142_259176113324834_2000152158628247086_n-200x300 But First Coffee No sooner did we get through that busy week than Under the Harvest Moon, the 2023 Bluestocking Belles’ collection went up for pre-sale. Another set of interrelated stories by nine wonderful authors, you won’t want to miss this one. As the village of Reabridge in Cheshire prepares for the first Harvest Festival following Waterloo, families are overjoyed to welcome back their loved ones from the war. These nine engaging tales have mysteries, secrets, tensions, reunions, romance and more. As always, our characters wander in and out of each others’ stories.

My story is “The Morning Light,” about a couple dealing with the inevitable problems that occur when a man returns from the war zone. I think you will love this collection.

Now I’m working away on An Unlikely Duke, next of the Entitled Gentlemen, and contemplating a story for Dukes and Diamonds and a contribution to the the Lyon’s Den–Caged Lyon.

But first, Coffee!!


warfield-morning-light-800x540 But First Coffee



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