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My Big Weekend

My grandson became bar mitzvah on Saturday. While it didn’t look exactly like this painting, it was done in a dignified, traditional manner. Yakov Netan’el chanted his Torah portion from Leviticus and the haftarah from Ezekiel the prophet in Hebrew. He gave a very well thought out talk on the importance of the feasts and […]

What’s In A Name?

Highlighting Historical Romance with Michelle Jean Marie and thoughts about names. From the time we are born, others are making decisions for us. Our parents name us, decide what we should wear, choose the school we attend, and take us on their ideal family vacations. When we’re young, we don’t know any better, and we […]

Let’s Pretend

I don’t know about you, but I grew up playing role playing games. In a military neighborhood—pre-Saturday morning TV—the movie theaters featured children’s movies every Saturday morning, and all the children our entire neighborhood would pile on to a bus and go the movies. Now, by “children’s movies” I don’t necessarily mean Disney. We watched […]

A Step into Dark

Highlighting Historical Romance with Leona Bushman on Victoriana I have been in love with the Victorian Era for many years. It’s a time of great fashion and great strides for a middle class and more freedom for women as they began doing more than be wives or servants or courtesans. The innovation and technology leaps […]

Thoughts in the Air

Did you miss me? Last week this time I was flying home from a lovely weekend with old friends (those are the best kind, no?). In addition to catching up, talking non-stop, and enjoying good food, we visited some lovely spots in Saint Louis; they even got me to the top of the Gateway Arch […]