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What’s the Time?

Highlighting the facts behind the fiction with Jude Knight who brings us the origins of time keeping. Most of us know that, once upon a time, everywhere in the world took their time from the sun. Water clocks, candles, and sundials—all attempts to be more precise, were calibrated by the sun. That state lasted far […]

Wise Child

This is probably my favorite scene in The Upright Son. (Except for that big kiss. Maybe I’ll do that one next week.) David has reacted to an accident by forbidding his children to go anywhere near Lady Fitzwallace and her children. So, of course, Marj has headed directly there. ***** He dismounted and waited for […]

The Upright Son is Live

The Upright Son is available for pre-order now for only 99 cents. It will launch on June 30, but it reverts to retail after launch. Order now

Help Needed!

Sunflower Season—Amazon preorders lost!  From the 70+ Authors in Sunflower Season: We have to apologize to you for the delay in the Amazon release of Sunflower Season. Amazon mistakenly deleted our link and all our preorders at Amazon were canceled. The good news is that we have a new Amazon and universal link to share with you! […]

At the Guild Hall

I travel. Sometimes I travel by boat, plane, or automobile. Sometimes I travel by book. Sometimes I explore the real world. This week I continued to ramble around York. I followed Doro Bigglesworth and Chloe Tavistock to a lecture at the ancient Guild Hall. They are good friends in as complicated a relationship as the […]