Monday Motivations: The Belles

Good Monday morning. The sun is shining and we’re approaching 70 every day this week in the wilds of eastern PA.  It’s a good day for a road trip and I’m off on one in an hour.

I’m driving north to meet one of my fellow Bluestocking Belles, Nicole Zoltack, and I’m very excited. The Belles function in a virtual universe most of the time. I saw Sherry Ewing and Susana Ellis last summer at the annual Romance Writers of American conference but they are the only ones I’ve met in the “real” world—until this morning.

The Belles are in signing a—let’s just say we’re passing an object around the world so we all can sign it. Be sure to attend our online Birthday Party on March 15 for more information and chances at prizes. It has been around the world from Denver heading west through California to New Zealand to Dubai. Nicole and I decided those of us in Pennsylvania would just get together to sign it.  She lives an hour and a half north; we’re meeting half way. As a bonus I get to meet the youngest two Zoltacks.

I’m off in an hour. But first, coffee.

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