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Fat Tuesday

A friend of mine told me yesterday she was “eating up all the fat in the house before Wednesday,” the Wednesday in question being the one that marks the beginning of Lent. Today is Mardi Gras or in English Fat Tuesday, the day on which cooks once used up the fat in richer, fattier foods […]

Monday Motivations: Music

Turning on music is one of the triggers I use to say, “time to write, Caroline!” A friend of mine once told me she uses movie scores for inspiration.  Those work sometimes. It depends on the book. For Dangerous Secrets I used a lot of traditional Italian music and a bit of Captain Corelli’s Mandolin.  […]

Highlighting Historical Romance: Allison Merritt

Today we feature Allison Merritt , who’s story, A Duke Worth His Salt, is based on the French fairy tale “The Dirty Shepherdess..”  This novella is included in the boxed set, Once Upon A Regency. About the Story Lady Eleanor never doubts her father’s love, but when he suffers a head wound and forgets his […]

Monday Motivations: Phone a Friend

It is easy for an author to collapse under the weight of it when a secondary character highjacks the plot, gives her three  scenes too wonderful to delete, and then leaves her with no idea how to get the hero from there to the end of the story.  Its time to take a step back […]

Just because…

I’m looking out at the expanse of snow in my yard, receding around the edges but still covered, and contemplating. Since I allowed a wonderful character who really belongs in the next book to high-jack my current story, my plan for the last quarter of the story lies in shreds.  I’m trying to open my […]