Monday Motivations: Music

Turning on music is one of the triggers I use to say, “time to write, Caroline!”

index Author's Blog Writing A friend of mine once told me she uses movie scores for inspiration.  Those work sometimes. It depends on the book. For Dangerous Secrets I used a lot of traditional Italian music and a bit of Captain Corelli’s Mandolin.  Dangerous Weakness involved a lot of Beethoven and some Turkish traditional.  I wrote a children’s book to the sound of bluegrass.  When I edit I need something a bit more upbeat, sometimes the Jersey Boys and sometimes just a general classic rock station.

Lately? I’ve been listening to Pandora’s Romantic Dinner Standards, which works for emotional scenes, but I’ve begun to wonder if I don’t need something more dramatic to fuel some action. I’ve come to a fork in the road and have to decide on a direction. I’m going with action.  Pirates of the Caribbean may do it! {{Listens}} Yes! That’s about right.

I’m off to write. But first, coffee.2458-a-cup-of-dark-coffee-pv-300x225 Author's Blog Writing


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