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2016: Show Up For It

Ah the annual ritual of goals and resolutions! I’ve reached the stage in which I pull out the previous year’s list, give it a good whack and take stock of my life. They are, after all, life goals. I call the resolutions “basic disciplines.” Life, being short, requires that we a) stay awake for it […]

The Belles’ Holiday Wassailing Tour: Course #6

Welcome to the sixth stop on the Belles Holiday Wassailing Tour. Surely you are still in a party mood, even after five previous stops!The Duchess of Murnane and her brother, the Earl of Chadbourn, the hero of A Dangerous Nativity welcome you to Eversham Hall. The duchess fears she is indisposed and not up to […]

Here We Come a-Wassailing

Waes Hael one and all—good health to you! Wassail is a drink involving ale, sugar, eggs, spices and sometimes wine. Sometimes it is called Lambs wool.  Wassailing is also the custom of going house to house with Christmas greetings, more or less what we would call caroling, with hopes of being invited in for a […]

She’s a What? Confusing Scottish Titles

Thank you so much for having me here today, Carol! I thought I had achieved a decent grasp on the peerages of the United Kingdom, at least passably so. Let me make a disclaimer right now: despite more hours of research than I care to admit, I still don’t have the whole peerage, honorific, addresses […]


Ok so my table won’t look like the one pictured. I won’t use paper plates and napkins with turkeys on them either.  Seventeen pounds of turkey are in my refrigerator section defrosting and I have enough cranberries piled up to get us through to Easter. Various dishes have been assigned to various relatives. Bring it […]