Monday Motivations: Phone a Friend

14326-illustration-of-a-an-antique-telephone-pv-300x235 Author's Blog Writing It is easy for an author to collapse under the weight of it when a secondary character highjacks the plot, gives her three  scenes too wonderful to delete, and then leaves her with no idea how to get the hero from there to the end of the story.  Its time to take a step back and rethink the plot outline but how?

I could a) ignore it for a few days (didn’t help) b) glance at your character charts and brainstorm possible conflicts and actions (in process) or c) phone a friend (yes!). It helps to bounce the problem and the solutions off someone else. At very least he or she can—and did—restore my belief that the changes can be made and the book will be better for it.

Quality-fashion-antique-telephone-classic-quality-landline-phone-hands-free-telephone-with-caller-id.jpg_640x640-275x300 Author's Blog Writing So the sun is up, ideas are now percolating. I think I’ll take another day off. <wink> I promised the prince among men we would go to the Philadelphia Auto Show. I’ll be back to work and energized tomorrow.

But first? Coffee.


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2 thoughts on “Monday Motivations: Phone a Friend

  1. I wondered if there was a writer hitch in your get along. You post a bit more often when there is. At least …. I think you do. 😉

    The auto show will be a tremendous break, you are lucky to attend. All that wandering about willy nilly and staring at shiny objects all day will be inspirational. We like car shows here in this house.

    Solutions are just around the corner I am positive…..My little writing experiences at school, tell me that every piece of work can be improved upon. You just don’t know it till it happens.

    • Yep. You can’t keep the words flowing when you loose site of the trail. I’m sniffing around and I think it is very close, though. Thanks for the encouragement! As to posting, I decided since I have a blog to use the darned thing. I set reminders to myself to do it.

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