Why and How of Historical Romance

Highlighting Historical Romance: Madelyn Hill answers our questions about the genre. Caroline: Why do you write historical romance (or historical novels if appropriate)? Madelyn: I love to write historical romance because it is my favorite genre to read. I also love history, research and I’m an old movie buff. There are so many great things […]

Witchcraft, the Law, and James I

Highlighting Historical Romance: Madeline Martin Like many stories, her new book began with a “What if…” She tells us: First there was learning about the Salem Witch Trials in middle school; then, The Craft came out in high school. Throw in over a decade living in Germany as a girl and I think you’ll understand […]

Highlighting Historical: Lindsay Downs

Lindsay Downs visits today to talk about how his newest release came to be. (and I love the cover) _________________________________________________ To fully understand A Highland Romance you, my reader, you might return to the first novella in the series, The Masked Lady and The Murder, released in  2014 then delve into Highland Gold, released in […]