Witchcraft, the Law, and James I

Highlighting Historical Romance: Madeline Martin

Like many stories, her new book began with a “What if…” She tells us:

Daemonologie-199x300 Guest Author First there was learning about the Salem Witch Trials in middle school; then, The Craft came out in high school. Throw in over a decade living in Germany as a girl and I think you’ll understand how my deep fascination with witches developed.

Witchcraft was particularly fascinating in Scotland. King James VI of Scotland considered himself to be such an expert on the evils of witchcraft, he actually wrote and published a book about it in 1597, titled Daemonologie. His first ever witch trials attended were those in North Berwick Witch Trials.

In these particular trials, over 100 men and women were accused of witch craft. Most confessed underKingJames Guest Author extreme torture and were executed. As it goes with history, many of those accused were healers and wise women. Once the confession was made, the witch was then strangled and burned at the stake – this went against my misconception that all witches were burned screaming at the stake (and I took heart in knowing most were not conscious for their grisly demise).

The story of the North Berwick Witch Trials really ignited a spark in my imagination, and I wondered what a girl might have seen and heard if she had been brought to the trials, and what kind of a woman might that make her into. And so my heroine for Enchantment of a Highlander was born.

EnchantmentOfAHighlander-200x300 Guest Author About the Book

Celia escaped the North Berwick witch trials at a young age, surviving because of the sacrifice of her beloved caretaker. She’s made a life for herself in the wilds of Scotland where no laird rules, a life where she heals for coin, a life without love so she can never feel the hurt of loss again.

Alec MacLean returns home after a decade to find his recently deceased father has let his inheritance fall to ruin. As the new laird, it’s Alec’s responsibility to rebuild the castle and restore the lands.

Together, they will face all challenges, from the tangle of their own damaged pasts to the fire-fueled witch hunts sweeping the Isle of Mull in the hopes that the best way to overcome darkness and war is through the undeniable light of love.

NorthBerwick Guest Author

The North Berwick Witch Trials


Celia had known the man was nobility by his fine dress, but she hadn’t expected him to be Laird MacLean. Nor had she expected the son of the former laird to be so just, so powerful.

So dangerous.

The law did little good from what she’d seen, from what she’d experienced. Innocents were sacrificed under the guise of ‘law’.

A scratch sounded at the base of the door where the wind mewled. Celia pulled the latch and held the door wide enough for the red fox to slink inside before bolting it shut once more.

“Is he gone now, Ruadh?”

The fox stared up at her with his golden eyes and flicked his bushy tail in aggravation.

“Good riddance to that one.” She tossed the remaining thread into the fire and watched the remnants of the laird’s blood sizzle and curl into ash. “For the time being we are safe.”

She glanced at the door once more. Her skin still tingled where he had touched her. Unwanted, a thrill wound down her spine and blossomed in goosebumps across her skin.

He would be back and she would need to keep her secrets locked away, the way she had managed to do thus far.

Her life depended on it.

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 About the AuthorMadelineHeadShot3-200x300 Guest Author

Madeline Martin lives in Jacksonville, Florida with her two daughters (AKA OldestMinion and YoungestMinion). All shenanigans are detailed regularly on Twitter and on Facebook.

She graduated from Flagler College with a degree in Business Administration and works for corporate America, but her true passion lies in writing historical romance.

Author website: www.MadelineMartin.com
Author Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/MadelineMartinAuthor
Author Twitter: @MadelineMMartin

Amazon: http://amzn.to/1Yut7su

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  1. Loved this story… particularly the fox. 🙂 My first “Madeline Martin’s book”. 🙂

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