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2a32d529947a74d7d4da6754a522aa01-227x300 Author's Blog Writing The most important thing a writer can do is write the next book. No amount of social media activity, advertising, or shameless self promotion will draw readers to your work as effectively as The Next Book.

I am happy to report that my pipeline has come back to life. After Dangerous Weakness, I suffered from a severe, “Oh my what now?!” moment. I’m pleased to report I am well over it.

I decided to give the three little boys in A Dangerous Nativity each a happy ending of their own.In the first of these, The Renegade Wife, Rand Wheatly overcomes his self-imposed isolation to help a desperate mother and discovers what he has been seeking all along. It will be out in October.

Each of this next series will be set in England and also in some part of the British Empire in the 1830s. Renegade begins in Upper Canada. I am currently researching and writing the sequel, The Reluctant Wife, which begins in India. It is tentatively scheduled for April 2017, and will be followed by The Unexpected Wife, tentatively scheduled for October 2017. That one takes place primarily in China, and I can’t wait to start writing it. I have ideas for the two that will come after that, so I have enough to keep me busy for a few years at least, working on The Next Book.

Of course, the heroes of my next three books did a lot of growing up between Nativity and their own stories, not all if it easy. I’ve written a bit of original fiction about their growing years. A Mother’s Work Is Never Done, has been published to Smashwords and is available there for free. I hope to do more short bits for my readers over the next few years.


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