Five Reasons I Hate Monday

wake-up-clipart-WAKE_UP-300x200 Author's Blog Well, who doesn’t? You would think someone who is retired would not distinguish between weekends and, well, Monday.  As it turns out, old habits die hard, and, well the rest of the word still works weekdays. While there may have been some easing, Monday is still Monday. Why do I hate it?


  1. Plans and task lists. How else do you start Monday? I never mind my writing goals. The writing comes first. But once that is finished I have to face the long list of book marketing, reviewing, blogging, and networking tasks, not to mention those related to Life. I line them up against my calendar and quickly figure out I have more to do than I have week.
  2. The rest of the world. To be specific, doctor’s offices, cell phone companies, insurance companies, utility workers, delivery folks, and phone spammers to name a few. Business calls have to be made 8-5 weekdays. Deliveries have to be made 8-5 weekdays. For a writer, the ringing phone is one of the more irritating interruptions. Appointments, once made, have to be kept.
  3. Biorhythms. It doesn’t matter what kind of hours I keep on the weekend. Come Monday I need to get up and get to it. The first morning of the week does not always go well.
  4. Repeating tasks. Reminders go off on my mobile reminding me of the things I try to do every week. Mondays, I fear, are the first of many. So why don’t I just delete those? Then I would never get anything done!
  5. Pavlovian response. I drag myself to my desk and think, ‘Crap. It’s Monday.’ After years working Monday to Friday it’s an ingrained response.

12494871_10153815117630833_7541444861224313708_n-225x300 Author's Blog I best get to it so I can get to Tuesday. Maybe later this week we’ll talk about the struggle that is a book cover. Or the joys of tweeting. Maybe.

But first, coffee.

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