In Which An Author Surprises Her Heroine

Highlighting Historical Romance: Michele Stegman joins us today. ________________________________________________________________________ It is a pleasure to be on your site, today, Caroline! Thank you for inviting me. In Fortune’s Foe, which scene was the hardest for you to write? The basic problem in this book is that the heroine, Mariette Fortune, wants to save her twin brother […]

Monday Motivations: Winter

I know, I know. That’s an odd one for a motivator. A friend just said temps below freezing and snow make for a good day to finish her edits.  I say grey skies, threatening snow, and sub zero wind chills make the world an unpleasant place. I can a)get depressed or b) slip into my […]

Just because…

I’m looking out at the expanse of snow in my yard, receding around the edges but still covered, and contemplating. Since I allowed a wonderful character who really belongs in the next book to high-jack my current story, my plan for the last quarter of the story lies in shreds.  I’m trying to open my […]

Monday Motivations: Kind Words

Ok, I admit it. I’m a sucker for kind words.  The authors I know do what they do for a wide variety of reasons.  I realized long ago that I tell stories so people will read them. Nothing keeps me going like finding out someone has read one of my books and liked it. I […]