Monday Motivations: Winter

large-300x200 Author's Blog Writing I know, I know. That’s an odd one for a motivator. A friend just said temps below freezing and snow make for a good day to finish her edits.  I say grey skies, threatening snow, and sub zero wind chills make the world an unpleasant place. I can a)get depressed or b) slip into my imaginary world. Where to go today?

I can have a look at next year’s holiday novel and see how Esther Baumann and her true love are managing their raging arguement about her friends who don’t share her faith.  I can trot off to Bristol and see how Rand is managing to bring down the forgers while keeping Meggy safe.  I can create a new piece of fiction on the fly for the Bluestocking Bookshop, one involving flowers, sunshine, and spring. I can walk along a street in Mumbai with the hero of my next book. That would be warm!

Bristol it is. Time to turn on the music and get at it.  But first, coffee!

2458-a-cup-of-dark-coffee-pv-300x225 Author's Blog Writing

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