5 Reasons Planning Doesn’t Work

Sigh. You may have noticed I like to plan my life. I think I’m good at it, but I’m deluded. I try to plan, I really do, but there are reasons planning hasn’t worked this summer:

  1. Weather. Specifically, heat is disruptive. My glorious office with windows down three sides becomes a stifling greenhouse when the humidity rises above 70% and the temperatures rise above 90 as they have much of the last month. Working in the dining room undermined productivity last month big time.
  2. Technology. The beloved laptop hums along most of the time, but it can be one update away from memory issues. Lately my default browser choked on a “routine” update and slowed to a crawl. Blog posts have been slow and Facebook is possessed by demons.
  3. Health. Skin rashes, asthma flairs, colds, family-members-who-develop strange rheumatic aches and pains demanding medical attention all upset the apple cart. My least favorite though, is the pharmacy/insurance company/Physician Office triad when they really mess up a prescription the beloved has to have. I can’t tell you how many hours that ate up and spit out.
  4. Life. This category is also known as “Stuff which happens.” It includes friends who need a comforting conversation and can’t wait, refrigerators that quit, honey bees that set up housekeeping in the attic, husbands who need to be driven to hardware stores “‘today please,” and unexpected invitations to events that cannot be declined…some of them out of town. Oh! and lest I forget, grandsons are prone to need attention at unexpected times, especially when their entire arm is in a cast due to a fall and grandma’s house looks better than summer camp.
  5. God laughs at you. Don’t ask. Let’s just say, watch what you pray for.

So today? Back to work. 2000 words on the Work in Progress and chip away at the marketing plan for the release coming out in October. But first, coffee.

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3 thoughts on “5 Reasons Planning Doesn’t Work

  1. This is why I always add an hour every day to my plan for disaster time. Because there is always going to be disaster time. In the late heat I’ve been working before breakfast and after tea… and rescheduled the sleeping hours to siesta. I know, I know, the English detesta siesta but you have to adapt. Schedules have to be fluid. This is what I firmly say if anyone asks me how the Plan is going.

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