Ouch I Did It Again #MFRWAuthor

Let me get this off my chest first: I cannot spell. I have been known to spell the same word three different ways on one page. Worse: I cannot proofread. I once earned my living as a tech writer, and a good one. I got reviews that to prove it. They boiled down to “This […]

4 Things To Do After You Type The End

First draft writing can be a long agony. Once you reach that tender, soul-satisfying conclusion, wipe away a tear, and type The End, you take a deep sigh, certain the story is right. You ask, “Now what?” The temptation is to either a) send it off now because, of course, it is perfect OR b) […]

8 Reasons for a Slow Start

I usually have this column ready on Sunday, but this morning is fleeting and I am just putting my Monday thoughts together. Something about that first week of the new year had me wallowing in holiday mode. A number of things got in the way. I spent the weekend getting myself organized, and as of […]

3 Goals and Some Looming Objectives

2017 is upon us. I’ve read much angst about 2016 being an annus horribilis and many hopes that the new one will be better. What experience teaches me is that every day is a new start, every year an opportunity to do better, write better, be better. We can never control the external variables, we […]

1 Happy Christmas

We had: Choir and Mass on Christmas Eve Presents late at night Christmas brunch with ham, crepes and dozens of filling combinations Hanukkah lights and dancing dreidels Too many brownies/sticky buns/chocolates A small dog going insane over his Hanukkah bear squeak toy Chinese food to top it off I hope yours has been happy as […]

1 Great Experience

I did an interview on Maria Grace’s blog and she treated me like a SUPERHERO. Did you know I have a secret identity, a secret lair, and of course a superhero costume—but no cape. Check it out! http://randombitsoffascination.com/2016/12/18/writing-superheroes-caroline-warfield-2/#  

7 Things I Learned During My Work In Progress

My current work in progress begins in India. The hero, alas, is court martial-ed unfairly and forced to resign his commission. He has no choice but to take his half-caste children to England before he… Never mind, that’s a story for another time. He returns to England. My challenge became how to get him there, […]