7 Things I Learned During My Work In Progress

My current work in progress begins in India. The hero, alas, is court martial-ed unfairly and forced to resign his commission. He has no choice but to take his half-caste children to England before he… Never mind, that’s a story for another time. He returns to England. My challenge became how to get him there, […]

Thanks Beyond Number

Where do we begin with gratitude? With the things that gratify, provide instant pleasure, or enhance our ego? With the things in our immediate circle, perhaps, like family and friends? Yes that one I think. The obvious things are faith, which gives direction and foundation of strength, and health, which enables me to build on […]

4 Reasons Editors Rock

Here I am, completely isolated in my boat studio, pouring over notes from my editor, and making changes—I wish! (Thank you Monet for the fantasy, however) It may as well be true because I’ve been completely absorbed in the task since Saturday and have lost all track time and day. I am posting my Monday […]