WIP: Getting Too Close

David and Delia’s walls are coming down. He walks her home to discuss something and ends up having an entirely unexpected conversation. One entirely too intimate for David’s comfort. *** “Did you marry to spite them?” she asked, stunning him. “Astute observation, Lady Fitzwallace. That may have been a bonus reward. I got Marjory and […]

Friends Cut Up the Earl’s Peace

***** Brandy helped, or it would have if Henrietta Danbury let up her assault. “This place is a treasure, Clarion, if a bit dull around the edges. You’ve let it go to neglect. A house party is just the thing to give it life.” David leaned forward elbows on his knees, cradling his drink. “What […]

An Awkward Encounter

Here’s a bit from The Upright Son in which the heroine encounters her new neighbor, the very proper Earl of Clarion, in his woods. *** She had given in to her children and joined the hunt for frogspawn after Alfred, her eldest, announced he wished to set up a water barrel in the kitchen yard […]