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Two Dukes and an Earl

Welcome to a bit of original fiction, a brief story involving characters from the Bluestocking Belles’ holiday box set, Mistletoe, Marriage, and Mayhem. The hero of my story, A Dangerous Nativity, has gotten a message from Stephen Huntington, the Duke of Wyndale, hero of Nicole Zoltack’s story, Joy to the World. Go to Nicole’s Blog to […]

Highlighting Historical Romance: Addie Jo Ryleigh

Today we have an interview with Addie Jo Ryleigh author of The Duke’s Temptation. Why do you write historical romance (or historical novels if appropriate)? I fell in love with historical romances when I was still young and impressionable. After that they just stuck with me. It is what my mind gravitated to when I […]

Highlighting Historical Romance: Samanthya Wyatt

Today we welcome Samanthya Wyatt and her fascinating research for The Only One, a historical novel featuring an English duke whose mission takes him to New Orleans in the 1800s. ___________________________________________________________ I find that I get a lot more accomplished if I just sit at the computer and write. But if I want my story […]

Owls and I

I’ve been away from my computer for several days. Did you miss me? <grin> I came home to piles of work and news both challenging and good. The best of the bunch is this picture. In past weeks I have given away a few of these plush snowy owls. They are Audubon branded and, when […]

Highlighting Historical Romance: Sandra Masters

Hello Readers and Writers: My story ONCE UPON A DUKE has been ruminating since 2007. It is now published by The Wild Rose Press in digital and print versions. INTERVIEW QUESTIONS from the author to His Grace, Geoffrey: Interviewer: What is your main fear, Duke? His Grace: Getting leg shackled by a woman. I fear […]