Caesars, Mining, and Wales

…That Caesar invaded Britain (or tried to) at least in part to get access tin deposits? A generation or more later Claudius ordered a full scale invasion in 43 AD. That one stuck. One of the attractions that time was lead. Romans were heavy users of metals of all kinds, and as they spread out […]

The 2016 Bluestocking Belles Holiday Anthology is Here

It is pure joy to reveal this lovely cover. I’m dancing in my blue stockings with glee. This year’s offering is packed with super stories, eight original novellas, over 500 pages of diverse characters, complex plots and plenty of happily-ever-after, all centered on the Duchess of Haverford’s charity ball. Because her favorite charity—and ours—is education […]

Bean Counting and Productivity

Once you publish a book or, if you’re fortunate, books, you’re not just creating, you’re running a business. You find yourself with a full complement of tasks that have nothing to do with writing. The sales, customer service, and marketing departments of that business can easily swamp the creative and editorial departments, demanding and getting […]