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Highlighting Historical Romance: Jessica Cale

Today we sit down for a cozy chat with Jessica Cale, author of some outstanding romances set in during the English Restoration. Be sure to read down and enter her Rafflecopter giveaway, too. Did you base your characters on real people? Yes and no. Alice and Jack developed naturally throughout the series, and they are […]

Monday Motivations: Settling Down

I realized lately that one barrier to writing is social media. Try not to laugh too hard that it took me so long to realize something most writers know is obvious. Here’s the thing: I’ve always known I had to watch the amount of time it took from my life; I only lately realized what […]

Highlighting Historical Romance: Barbara Monajem

Lord Quickthorn’s Bargain, Barbara’s novella in the anthology Passionate Promises (released last week), centers around a holy or fairy well. Today she shares what she learned about them ______________________________________________ I’m pretty sure the idea first came to me while reading a folklore book, An Encyclopedia of Fairies: Hobgoblins, Brownies, Bogies, & Other Supernatural Creatures by […]

Monday Motivations: Folks

I come from storytelling folk. Both of my parents were great raconteurs, their stories always began wonderful and often got better in each retelling. Of course, they also delighted in correcting each other’s version of the story. I was never sure if they each thought theirs were more accurate or just more entertaining. My dad […]

Highlighting Historical Romance: Wareeze Woodson

Welcome Wareeze and thank you for sharing this interesting topic! __________________________________________________________ Thank you for allowing me to share a little history with you and your readers. I write historical romance and have three published by Soul Mate Publishing: Conduct Unbecoming a Gentleman, An Enduring Love and my latest release, A Lady’s Vanishing Choices. On a […]