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Highlighting Historical Romance: Beppie Harrison

I am sure I am not the only one to have first been astonished by Irish dancing when I saw Riverdance. The thundering rhythms, the swiftly moving feet, the immobility of the rest of the dancers’ bodies. The story is told that the reason for that contrast between top and bottom came from the British […]

Highlighting Historical Romance: Julia Justiss

Julia explains to us THE CHARACTER WHO WASN’T Once upon a time, I wrote a book with a secondary character, a plucky orphan farm boy who befriends the heroine, eventually helping to save her from the villain, thereby cementing the admiration and affection of the hero. I knew then that the hero, Sir Edward Austin […]

Highlighting Historical Romance: Susana Ellis

Susana Ellis comes on board today to tell us about how Lady Pendleton (who has been her friend for a while, and who is a key, ongoing secondary character in her new series) evolved. ____________________________________________________ Agatha Tate, Lady Pendleton, has become the star of my new series, The Lady P Chronicles, but she started out […]


Now that I have your attention, yes I have a free gift for you. For the next two days, until Friday March 26 Dangerous Works is FREE. Grab one while you can. But wait. Keep reading. I have another. The Collected 2015 Editions of the Teatime Tattler is also FREE for a limited time. […]

Highlighting Historical Romance: The Bluestocking Belles

You’ve probably heard me talk about The Bluestocking Belles.  Jude Knight wrote this excellent history and explanation of the name we’ve chosen as our own. Readers of historical romances, especially those set in Georgian and Regency England, are familiar with the term ‘bluestocking’. A woman described as a bluestocking will be clever, fond of reading, […]