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Snowed by the Wallflower, my contribution to Revenge of the Wallflowers is now up for pre-order. I feel like I’m waking up.

Caroline_SnowedByTheWallfower-2-200x300 Author's Blog Books Belinda Westcott doesn’t want to injure the Earl of Ridgemont. She merely wants to humiliate him. After all, one good prank deserves a payback. How could she anticipate that it would go so terribly wrong, or that he would turn out to be nothing like she expected?

Skilled in both chemistry and cooking, Belinda happily hides in her aunt’s kitchen rather than risk embarrassment at the ongoing house party. The unexpected appearance of the earl and a skating party present the perfect opportunity to embarrass him in front of some snooty society miss. Unfortunately, his partner is Belinda’s own cousin, and even worse, the cousin drinks the hot chocolate—laced with emetics—meant for the earl.

As plain Major John Conlyn, John had sunk into a morose of dissipation when first released from the army. Neither his actions nor his companions make him proud. The death of a beloved cousin shocked him back to sense. It also made him an earl and the heir to his grandfather, a duke. He’s been ordered to find a wife and settle down. He wouldn’t mind, but now he’s surrounded by flighty debutantes and their grasping mothers. The one woman who interests him avoids him. She acts as if she despises him. Is it possible he did something when out of control that he ought to apologize for, something he can’t recall?

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2 thoughts on “It’s Up!

  1. Glad to see you back . . . I was concerned “How come she doesn’t a couple of books in the pipeline?” (Apparently it’s all about me). Sorry to read of your bad year. After reading most if not all of your books, I was worried when you stopped posting on the blog.

    (And I did pre-order as usual.)

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