Inching Back—But First, Coffee!

image000000-187x300 Author's Blog But First Coffee I’m still weary and numb from my annus horribilis, but like the rest of the natural world, there are sprouts and buds of life occurring. Yesterday I went with the family to my favorite nearby spot: Cape May! We had an absolutely joyful time pedaling along the Revolutionary Rail trail in a four person car. Guides led us two miles up and two miles back with stops for history lessons, a nature walk, and the amazing sight of four bald eagles soaring over us at once. We wandered around the little town with its boutiques and restaurants just opening up for the season and my daughter insisted on standing me next one sign for a photo.

Resized_Resized_20240316_1323510_1710630364797_1710630390595-e1710709016488-300x268 Author's Blog But First Coffee There was a bit too much life in my garage this month. Mice. I must have been oblivious because I didn’t realize I had a problem until one of the critters crawled out of my hood while I was driving (I kid you not) and crawled along my windshield. It didn’t take me long to realize I had left two 40 pound bags of bird seed in the garage, creating disneyland for actual mice.

When the weather broke this week I went on a frenzy of cleaning the place. I pulled out everything in there that I might  use and then created piles for all of Beloved’s Good Stuff: scrap metal, scrap wood, odd antiques and whatnot separated into piles for recycle/putting in trash/giving away and so forth. I followed that with sweeping, vacuuming, and hosing down. I set mouse traps. I found a taker for Beloved’s table saw that I will never use. And then I put it all back together.

mouse-1708365-1560x760-1-300x146 Author's Blog But First Coffee Unfortunately, I’ve been absent from Belles Brunch, even the one celebrating the 9th birhday of the Bluestocking Belles. Sorry about that! I’m trying to get back to normal, but things are still erratic.

Did I mention I’m writing, at least a bit? My entry into the Revenge of the Wallflowers series will go up for presale this week. (For mutiple vendors look here.) I’m giving you a peak at the cover though it won’t go live until January. I’m still typing away on it a bit at a time, but the process has given an alert to the girls in the basement to wake up and start working. Meanwhile some of the earlier books in the series are up and there is a FREE preview available, The Wallflowers Reasons for Revenge.

This week, I rest. And write. And try to get on top of things. I may even do a newsletter. But first? Coffee.

reason-200x300 Author's Blog But First Coffee Caroline_SnowedByTheWallfower-200x300 Author's Blog But First Coffee

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