The Romance of the Outback

Highlighting Historical Romance with Jasmine Hill My novel, Lillian’s Light Horseman encompasses particular aspects of my husband’s family history. His grandfather was a decorated Light Horseman during WWI and by all accounts quite a ladies man. The Australian Light Horse were mounted infantry often selected for their excellent riding skills and marksmanship, many of them […]

Lion Rock and Its Frescoes

Highlighting Historical Fiction: Mike Lord Today we have something a little different. Mike Lord’s Sinagiri is set in fifth century, and involves some remarkable frescoes discovered at Sigiriya (or Lion Rock), an ancient rock fortress and palace complex. Sri Lanka, formerly Ceylon, has a lurid history and a lot of which was unknown until the […]

Not All Rainbows and Sisterhood

Highlighting Historical Fiction with Nicole Evelina Someone asked me not long ago what the most surprising thing that I uncovered during my research for Madame Presidentess, a biographical historical fiction novel about Victoria Woodhull, the first woman to run for President in the United States in 1872. I could talk about her crazier-than-life family or […]

A Quick Tip

My History Imagined colleague, Linda Bennett Pennell is here with a wonderful offer. Her historical fiction is thoroughly researched and gave me one of my favorite moments, the one where you say “I didn’t know that!” It is a delight to learn new things. I asked her how she came by her love of history. […]

Looking for Lymond

None of the books I’ve been remembering on Throwback Thursdays comes close to the joy I’ve gotten from Dame Dorothy Dunnett’s books.  I was sixteen the summer I picked up The Game of Kings. I remember walking to a babysitting gig and reading every step of the way along the sidewalk because I couldn’t put […]