Defending England From Napoleon

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Highlighting Historical Romance with Constance Hussey who shares the facts behind The Lady of Hurling Bay.

Historical romance is a fluid venue for writers. Some showcase the costume and culture of a particular period, while others build on or incorporate actual events in history. Both offer interesting and delightful stories of another world and time. My books tend to grow from a history nugget frequently uncovered during research on an entirely different subject. In The Lady of Hurling Bay Napoleon’s intent to invade England plays an important part in Captain Carlisle’s and Lady Alinor’s lives. When in 1805 Napoleon actually initiated shipbuilding and assembled troops around Boulogne in preparation for this long-threatened invasion, the years-long war with France gained even more immediacy. Anxious for information, the government expands Carlisle’s mission to extract a British agent trapped in France to include a dangerous clandestine visit to Boulogne to obtain information.

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Acting on the potential threat, the English government hastened the building of a chain of sturdy defensive structures known as Martello towers along the Channel and Irish coasts. Typically they housed a small garrison and single artillery piece mounted on the flat roof. Though the invasion never took place—Napoleon abandoned the project to confront the armies of the Third Coalition with his forces—and their effectiveness never tested, this early warning system gave people some sense of security. A few of these towers remain, some converted to museums and other private residences. I had the opportunity to visit one some years ago. It certainly gave me an insight into both the vulnerability and strength of living on an island.

About the book,  The Lady of Hurling Bay

Theladyofhurlingbay_Web72-195x300 Highlighting History Being more than a little intimidated by Captain Carlisle’s chosen profession as the captain and owner of a trading vessel—an unorthodox choice for an English gentleman—it took some years and a great deal of research before I felt comfortable writing a story where sailing ships and sea life formed so integral a part of the characters lives. Eventually, however, I accepted the challenge and was pleasantly surprised by how much I enjoyed writing about how the sea, ships and boats shaped the lives of Alinor, Carlisle, and the people around them.

 Captain Carlisle

In his opinion, a man couldn’t ask for a better life than the freedom to sail where the winds and trade took him, with a fine ship under his feet and the occasional mission for the British government to add some spice. Settling down on land with a wife and family was never in Jasper Carlisle’s plans—until a chance encounter with a beautiful lady and a stroke of ill-fated tragedy turns his well-ordered life inside out. 

Lady Alinor

As much a force of nature as the storm that drove his battered ship into her hidden bay, the bold captain captured Alinor’s heart the moment they met. Yet she was of the land and he the sea, a division he believed an impossible barrier to permanence.

 Alinor had a different conclusion in mind.
Chance brought them together.
Now love will bind them forever

The Lady of Hurling Bay is available for purchase here.

About The Author

The author of seven books all set in her favorite period of history, the Napoleonic Wars, Constance Hussey resides in Florida with her spouse of many years—her own personal hero. She enjoys gardening, walking, swimming and relaxing on the back porch with a good book. To learn more about her, please visit her website at

2 thoughts on “Defending England From Napoleon

  1. Though this is not usually the genre I choose to read, the character descriptions sound too good to pass up. Can’t wait until my copy arrives.

  2. You always know how to make us feel at home in the historical period in which your books take place.
    Looking forward to this new adventure with Alinor & Carlisle, the sea and sailing ships.

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