The Seacoast is Flooded

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I travel. Sometimes I travel by boat, plane, or automobile. Sometimes I travel by book. I spent this week exploring England’s east coast by ship through crashing waves and powerful winds, and attempting to reach Great Yarmouth by carriage over flooded roads. I was finally forced to put in at the Queen’s Barque in Fenwick on Sea.

Both Fenwick and the storm, alas, are fictional. But the storm-plagued coast is very real. I hope to visit it some day. This week, however, I’ve been celebrating the launch of Storm & Shelter with The Bluestocking Belles and some of our friends: Grace Burrowes, Alina K. Field and Mary Lancaster. It includes eight all new stories taking place during the same catastrophic storm battering the coast and poor Fenwick.

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It will be 99 cents through the weekend before the price reverts to $3.99. Grab a copy. See if you can guess the identity of a snooping reporter for The Teatime Tattler. If you report him or her you can be in the drawing for a $100 Gift Card from the Belles. Honest. Check it out here:

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