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coffee-1024x512 But First Coffee

Launch week for Storm & Shelter flew by. You may remember last week I reported a fairly grueling weekend leading up to launch day. The pace continued. On launch day, we celebrated with a blog hop–a set of posts linked together in a circle—in which our characters lament the presence of a snooping Teatime Tatter reporter. Click here for my stop.

The hop was designed to promote a contest. Read the book. Identify the reporter. Enter to win a $100 gift card a made-to-order story. Details are here. There was another Facebook party to celebrate, gifts, and more. While we were celebrating, people bought the book. This morning we found our little book was #1 on Amazon’s list of new Regency novels. Those things never last, but it is always a joy to see. We got this lovely little orange label on the book’s profile, briefly.

Screen-Shot-2021-04-18-at-10.02.50-AM-1024x427 But First Coffee

The week was fun, fast-paced, and exhausting. At the same time, I managed to get a few more scenes written for The Value of Pity, and received what I think is the final round of edits for The Price of Glory. I need to continue both of those this week, and I hope to resume work on The Defiant Daughter, as well. I may have a surprise or two mid week. But first, coffee.

coffee-2390136_1280-1024x696 But First Coffee

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