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Several retailers are being kept busy delivering boxes to my household lately—and many other houses as well. Like many of you, I’m all virtual this year. Gifts are arriving, gifts for family, yes, but also for those who’ve been serving us during the year: church folks and friends, rubbish collectors, letter carriers and so on. Next come cards and the family history I promised a long list of relatives. Giving feels good!

The same applies to my writing world. Gifts and giveaways abound this year. First of all, don’t miss my gift to all my readers, at least the ones that subscribe to my newsletter. A brand new story is being polished and will go given away in the newsletter this week. If you aren’t already a subscriber sign up here:

printgiveaway-1024x724 But First Coffee

Readers have called Christmas Hope the best book they’ve read all year and the best Christmas story ever. I recently gave it a much deserved cover upgrade, but I have a stash of print copies with the older cover. I’m giving those signed print copies away in Heroines of the Great War on Facebook. There are three more weeks to enter.

Also on Heroines of the Great War there will be a bigger giveaway, a Kindle Paperwhite loaded with books.

Do you like Advent Calendars? How about one that gives away a book every day in December? Bree Wolf has created one. Each day the Facebook Giveaway posts go live on 8 AM EST on Bree’s author page: Each giveaway is open until midnight. The winner will be announced on the same giveaway post the following day. Your own Caroline Warfield is featured today!
Please bare in mind: You must comment on the original post in order to enter the giveaway. 

Christmas-Calendar_rectangle-02-1024x554 But First Coffee

So while you’re doing all those things folks get wrapped in at Christmas, take a moment to treat yourself to a gift or a contest. Don’t forget though: First Coffee!

christmascoffee-1024x640 But First Coffee

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