Suppression and Reform

Prices fell but so did the value of farm goods, the price farmers could get for their grain, the value of manufactured goods and so on. The economy faltered. Taxes remained high, driven by the debt. Unemployment in all sectors rose. Cuts to the armed forces unleashed thousands of former soldiers adding to the pool […]

Defending England From Napoleon

Highlighting Historical Romance with Constance Hussey who shares the facts behind The Lady of Hurling Bay. Historical romance is a fluid venue for writers. Some showcase the costume and culture of a particular period, while others build on or incorporate actual events in history. Both offer interesting and delightful stories of another world and time. […]

Popes in the Napoleonic Crossfire

…That Napoleon took two popes prisoner? The first died in French captivity in 1799. The second, Pius VII went voluntarily to Paris in 1804, part of his policy of cooperation aimed at restoring freedoms to Catholics in France who had been persecuted during the Revolution. Pius had been invited (it is unclear how much choice […]

The Fate of the Crown Jewels of France

Highlighting Historical Romance with Saralee Etter I am currently working on HER WILD IRISH ROGUE, which takes place in Paris in July 1815, about a month after the fall of Napoleon Bonaparte. As I researched this period of history, I ran across a delightful bit of information about the Crown Jewels of France. All of […]

The Road to Waterloo

Two hundred years ago today, March 1, 1815, a short, slightly portly, middle-aged general—who had surrendered to his enemies ten months before—landed on a beach a little east of Cannes. This unlikely event set off one of the most remarkable one hundred days in European history. Napoleon was back. After fifteen years of war, untold […]