Spies, GI’s, and Shipbuilding Ladies

Highlighting Historical Romance: Joan Leotta Makes WWII Personal As the daughter of older parents, one of whom was a WWII veteran, the sacrifices of that war were very real to me. I heard stories from my Mom about the home front and was very interested in researching it. It seems that this was a time […]

A Scotland Road Trip

Highlighting Romance… Today C.D. Hersh takes us on the road with a contemporary paranormal story Many books require research, and The Mercenary and the Shifters was no exception. We had to research a bunch of things for this book, but our favorite was the Hebrides Islands in Scotland. It’s a lot of fun when your […]

Lawlessness and Bounty Hunting in Regency England

Highlighting Historical Romance: Jude Knight Jude’s next release features a hero who is a thief taker. He prefers the term enquiry agent. Thief takers, he says, are ‘so unpleasant’. Here are some thoughts about law enforcement in Regency England. Crime was a personal affair Before 1829, our modern idea of a police force, and of […]

Down the Research Rabbit Hole

Highlighting Historical Romance: Jude Knight joins us to talk about her work. I love research. I even love research when I have a perfectly delightful plot that falls apart when research proves it couldn’t have happened. Working out what might be historically probable instead, or at least plausible, has allowed me to drop down many […]

Owl Research

Two research projects caught my eye recently.   In Austrailia GPS trackers have been attached to the tail feathers of native species to help environmentalists understand how much territory the powerful owl, a native species, needs to live and breed well. The question is important because urban areas offer the owl’s other great need, food, but […]

Highlighting Historical Romance: Samanthya Wyatt

Today we welcome Samanthya Wyatt and her fascinating research for The Only One, a historical novel featuring an English duke whose mission takes him to New Orleans in the 1800s. ___________________________________________________________ I find that I get a lot more accomplished if I just sit at the computer and write. But if I want my story […]