6 Things I Need to Know This Week

I’m writing two very different stories this weekend, and spending a lot of time researching background for both. There are tons of things I need to know, but these are a start.

  1. What products were being brought into England by smugglers in 1838? What were the excise issues?
  2. Who was importing opium to England in the 1830s?
  3. Would a man who enlisted in the Canadian Expeditionary Force in 1914, who had some university be an officer or could he choose to be a common soldier? And why would he want to?
  4. Where were the Canadians dug in after the Battle of the Somme in November 1916?
  5. What government officials, independent of the East India Company, would have been in Canton, China in 1838?
  6. What was the weather in Picardy in December 1916?

cup-of-coffee-300x202 Author's Blog But First Coffee I’m will be working in these all week this week, and I’ll probably find more things I need to know. But first? Coffee!

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