To Blog

Blog, verb, the act of updating a website on which one records news, opinion, thoughts, and insights. This relatively new English verb out lasted the short-lived noun weblog, on which it was based. It is now ubiquitous. I blog, he blogs, you blog, they…I wonder what a Latin conjugation would look like? Ahem. Sorry. I […]

4 Blogs and Then Some

Blogging gives any and all of us an opportunity to express ourselves. Many of us may wish there was less of it—particularly when the expressing takes the form of politics or celebrity culture are concerned, but then either we all have the right to speak freely or no one does. Most writers use blogs to […]

A Quick Tip

My History Imagined colleague, Linda Bennett Pennell is here with a wonderful offer. Her historical fiction is thoroughly researched and gave me one of my favorite moments, the one where you say “I didn’t know that!” It is a delight to learn new things. I asked her how she came by her love of history. […]