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A Confession

I confess to you sadly that up until a month ago I had never read a Georgette Heyer novel.  Worse, gentle readers, when I did, I didn’t like it. I hear the collective gasps of Heyer devotees around the world. I can explain. First, a step back. Having written about the regency era, the question became, […]

Writer’s Avalanche

Some people have asked if Dangerous Works would have a sequel. Yes! This has been a productive month, and as I picked up steam after the holidays an avalanche of work has overtaken me.  (The Great Nor’easter of 2015 is about to hit. Snow is on my mind) I woke up this morning to edited […]

MLK, Service, and Charity in the Regency Period

Today is Martin Luther King Day. In addition to remembering the sacrifices and goals of the Civil Rights Movement, the day has come to include a focus on service and giving back to the community. That led me to ask, “What did people do in the Regency Era?” The answer turned out to be, more […]

Writing Process Blog Hop

This week I’m participating in a Romance Writers Blog Hop.  I almost want to say the Great Romance Writers Blog Hop; it has been passed from writer to writer for some time. Not only do you get to know a little about me and my writing process, but I get to introduce you to fellow […]

Mrs. Rowden’s School

Today I have the privilege of guest blogging on A Convent Garden Gilflurt’s Guide to Life. My topic is Mrs. Rowden’s school, an example of a lady’s school in the Regency era, with some well known students. Lady Caroline Lamb was the most notorious among them.