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Spring For Love: Carole Ann Moleti

After an excessively cold winter here in Eastern Pennsylvania, and a big snow storm just one week ago, I for one am relieved to see April approach. The winter has been long. I’m ready to celebrate spring. Today I’m happy to showcase fellow Soul Mate author Carole Ann Moleti and her  novel The Widow’s Walk. […]

Spring For Love: Shehanne Moore

It must be Spring. My grandbuddy started point out shoots and snow drops to me when he got off the school bus last week. Considering we still have snow on the ground here, it was a very welcome sight. Today I’m happy to showcase fellow Soul Mate author Shehanne Moore and her  novel The Viking and […]

Spring For Love: Madelyn Hill

This morning five largish deer wandered up to the windows of my writing cave and nosed around for a while looking for spilled bird seed. I think they were astonished to see grass, frankly. “Spring,” they seemed to think, “What’s that?” It has been late here in Eastern Pennsylvania. All the more reason to celebrate. […]

Spring For Love

Hmm. Spring has finally lurched to life in most places and the Soul Mate authors are up to something. I’m one of them.  There seem to be books to discover and a chance to #WIN a $50 Amazon Gift Card. Find a list of all the talented authors who are conspiring to bring you this […]

It’s Personal

And as my grandson says, aaaawkward. When people have to ask, “Does your book include sex?” it is time to speak frankly. I decided to do that today on Romance Bandits.…/