Fruits of My Travels

The clicking you hear is from my hands flying across the keyboard.  Much to do, Much to do!  Blame it on travel.

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First of all I am back at the novella set in Venice I promised myself (while on the airplane home) I would finish this summer. I did a full run through and so far, I love it. Today’s dilemma—will the gorgeous Italian doctor finally get Lady Charlotte to explain why on earth a woman of her class is traveling without a lady companion and what she will say about dotty Aunt Florence who found the Duchess of Horsham’s company in Geneva so congenial she refused to continue.

Second of all my brain is about to explode from all the wonderful authors, agents, and editors at RWA in

Gerard_ter_Borch_d._J._001-150x150 Author's Blog Travel Writing

Painting by Gerard ter Borch

New York. I have a new series to formally present to Soul Mate, although after our breakfast I’m confident I will have more books to write. In fact, I need to start writing now to stay at the two book a year minimum pace they recommended.

For now I have Dangerous Weakness to promote (and 500 new things I ought to be doing about it). I am scheduled for a twenty blog tour and I have an article to pitch to review magazines.  Watch for the cover soon—next week to be precise.

Click click click  . . . As you were. I’m sharpening my quills, er, typing.

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