Journey and Return, or Honey, I’m Baaack

I have braved the winding (rail)road and crossed Time, or at least Times Square, though the hordes of dwarfs, ogres and strange gawking fairies. I have banqueted, formed alliances, met my fellows, and sat at

11781838_378343255707911_3761569109183689394_n-300x225 Author's Blog Regency Era

The Bluestocking Belles and 2000 of their fellows converge on the Marriott

the feet of giants (well, at least of Susan Elizabeth Philips) and arrives safely home. What have I learned?

1. Romance writers are almost universally gracious and kind

2. In a world full of dizzying options for writers, I’m content with what I am doing.

3. I’m actually doing quite well considering Caroline Warfield’s books didn’t exist a year ago.

4. Quantity matters.  Book two sells book one. Book three sells one and two (I hope) and so on. SoulMate wants two books a year. Yikes!

unnamed-1-225x300 Author's Blog Regency Era

Your author as the Duchess of Whatnot

5. Dressing like a dowager duchess and dancing like one is a hoot.

6. Books are heavy.  Every time I turned around someone was giving me books.My suitcase held only very carefully selected books and it weighed a ton.  Or maybe a 1.5 tons.

7. Printed swag is good but will not disappear in any quantity. Bring 1/4 as much next time.

8. Creativity matters. The Belles’ Guide to a Good Time was a big hit.

11041082_731739346952549_3985753531597675693_n-209x300 Author's Blog Regency Era

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