One Down, One Up

coffee-1024x512 But First Coffee
The biggest heat wave yet hit us last week, and our air conditioning is iffy at best. In spite of that and a daily temptation to just collapse in a chair and read, I managed to get one story down to the finish line.

My still-without-title story for next year’s Bluestocking Belles collection ended with the hero and heroine in a coat closet. With nine other sisters in the house and guests occupying every possible space, they had to meet SOMEwhere.

Today it is onward with The Ashmead Heirs. The next up, the Forgotten Daughter and I are becoming better acquainted and I’ll have her telling me her story in no time. However, the opening lines for Book 5 are echoing in my hear. I know, I know. There are only four books in the Ashmead Heirs series. So far. I best write down that brilliant beginning.

I’m blessedly free of marketing tasks this week so I best get at it. But first, coffee.

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