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That the coaches carrying the Royal Mail in the first half of the 19th century took passengers and were superior to travel by stage coach in a number of ways.

  • They were faster. They stopped for nothing. They even flew through toll gates.
  • They traveled at night
  • Their schedule was strict and predictable
  • They had armed guards and were generally safer
  • They were less crowded and, therefore, less prone to overturning.


  • They cost a penny more a mile-a significant sum for many
  • There were strict luggage limits
  • They didn’t stop for the passengers’ comfort—a comfort break had to be rushed while horses were changed.

The heroine of The Forgotten Daughter has decided to travel to Ashmead (from Manchester) to confront the earl who sired her. She has to travel and return as quickly as she can because she’s leaving younger siblings behind. A young woman traveling alone has to be careful. But she has little money. Should she take the Mail coach or not?

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  1. Caroline,
    I read several of your books in one sitting only to take food and bathroom breaks I loved your knowledge of customs and history. Such creative set up for your characters.
    A new fan!!

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