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Caroline writes as fast as she can. Watch for:


Children of Empire: the Seekers, a new set of three adventures

  • The Price of Glory, this one set in Egypt and Nubia (aka Sudan). Aeneas Mallet pursues knowledge that could bring him fame and respect, only to find it upended by a woman determined to serve the people of Egypt
  • The Value of Pity, set in England and Italy, is in progress now for 2023. Athena Mallet is bewildered by social interaction and emotion, but she possesses a brilliant mind, ambition to be a surgeon, and prodigious knowledge of human anatomy. She’ll need them when Viscount Rochlin’s body is shattered in a carriage accident. She is determined to make him well.
  • The Cost of Money, set in Scotland and New Zealand, should follow in late 2024. Archimedes Mallet disdains the academic world, and longs for the riches to be made in the rare plant trade. His drive takes him to the far side of the world, but there’s a cost to greed, and a nurseryman’s daughter, who loves him in spite of his blind pursuit of wealth, fears he will pay it.

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