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 The Entitled Gentlemen

  • An Unlikely Duke, available in August 2023. Jeffrey Graham is a shipping magnate, and proud of the wealth his family has built by its own efforts. He has no patience with the people that look down their aristocratic noses on his family, even a certain title-hunting miss who attracts him in spite of her ingrained snobbery. His mother was the daughter of a Jamaican plantation owner and his enslaved housekeeper. His father began the business. He’s proud of both parents. Jeffrey had no idea his father’s grandfather was a duke, or that they’d come looking for him when he was the last male heir.
  • The Last Viscount 2024. Viscount Rockford, having witnessed his oldest brother murder their father and the second son, is determined that the title he has been cursed to hold will die out with him.
  • A Surrogate Earl 2024. Rob Benson is dispatched to bring back a missing pair of identical twin brothers after the death of their father. The eldest, the heir, is badly damaged in body and mind. The younger is fit and whole. Their father’s death leaves problems that require a head of family to sort out. What can the younger do but step into his brother’s shoes.
  • No Mad Marquess 2024. The family is horrified when a sequence of events bestows a powerful title on a young man they believe to be mad. Guardians are appointed to manage the estate. But he is not mad. He is deaf—and wise enough to know fraud when he sees it.

The Bluestocking Belles’ 2023 Collections

  • Under the Harvest Moon, available October 2023. As the village of Reabridge in Chester prepares for the first Harvest Festival following Waterloo, families are overjoyed to welcome back their loved ones from the war. But excitement quickly turns to mystery when mere weeks before the festival, an orphaned child turns up in the town—a toddler born near Toulouse to an English mother who left clues that tie her to Reabridge. With two prominent families feuding for generations and the central event of the Harvest Moon festival looming, tensions rise, and secrets begin to surface. My story, The Morning Light, features the village doctor who has returned from Waterloo much changed and not entirely for the better.
  • A Holiday Anthology is also probable

Lords and Ladies of Saint James Multi Author Collections

  • Dukes & Diamonds available in January 2024. My story concerns the Duke of Rockwell, who isn’t really a ne’er do well, and Miss Joanna Howard, who isn’t really a thief.

Revenge of the Wallflowers Multi Author Series

  • Snowed by the Wallflower, a standalone book available in December 2025. My heroine, Belinda Westcott believes in science and logic. Life unfolds more smoothly when ladies use their minds in the murky process of finding a marriage partner rather than emotion, a less reliable guide. The same applies to men. Some gentlemen who claim to be educated demonstrate behavior that shows an utter lack thereof. Some men may prove to be worthy however, if only they can be taught. In the case of a gentleman who harms a lady, the lesson should reflect the crime.

Children of Empire: the Seekers, a new set of three adventures

  • The Price of Glory, this one set in Egypt and Nubia (aka Sudan). Aeneas Mallet pursues knowledge that could bring him fame and respect, only to find it upended by a woman determined to serve the people of Egypt
  • The Value of Pity, set in England and Italy, is in progress in fits in starts. Athena Mallet is bewildered by social interaction and emotion (today she might be considered on the autism spectrum), but she possesses a brilliant mind, ambition to be a surgeon, and prodigious knowledge of human anatomy. She’ll need them when Viscount Rochlin’s body is shattered in a carriage accident. She is determined to make him well.
  • The Cost of Money, a gleam in my eye set in Scotland and New Zealand. Archimedes Mallet disdains the academic world, and longs for the riches to be made in the rare plant trade. His drive takes him to the far side of the world, but there’s a cost to greed, and a nurseryman’s daughter, who loves him in spite of his blind pursuit of wealth, fears he will pay it.

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