Works in Progress


Caroline writes as fast as she can. Watch for:

Children of Empire: the Seekers, a new set of three adventures

  • The Price of Glory, this one set in Egypt and Nubia (aka Sudan). Indian Jones meets Amelia Peabody in a stew all its own. July 2021
  • The Cost of Money, set in Scotland and New Zealand, should follow in late 2022
  • The Value of Pity, set in England and Italy, is a gleam in the author’s eye.

The Ashmead Heirs, a new series set in a village in the midlands featuring two interrelated families and heirs (both legitimate and not) whose lives are complicated by the old earl’s will. Look for:

  • The Wayward Son in July 2021
  • The Defiant Daughter in October 2021
  • The Forgotten Daughter in January 2022
  • The Upright Son in May 2022

Covers and more information as I have them.

For news and updates as they happen