Her Own Little World

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I’ve been working on my story for the Bluestocking Belles’ next collection. Here’s a tidbit for WIP Wednesday, grabbed at random from my choppy draft. It appears right after the riot at a lecture on Habeas Corpus. #amwritinghonest


Doro you idiot. You should have let him accompany you to find Chloe. You should have told him everything.

Seeing him there in his overlong hair, his familiar collar, his shabby clergyman’s coat in need of a good brush, she had been swept into a world belonging to the two of them alone, the world of Pilgrim’s Rest. She wanted to protect that illusion; she didn’t want to spoil it with her family’s complex problems and explanations. Running along the cobbles she smiled. She could see him again. He would be at Holy Cross on Sunday.

She was all the way to Viscount Tavistock’s house before she knew for certain Chloe—and the monkey—were perfectly safe.

One thought on “Her Own Little World

  1. And here is Chloe worrying about Doro.

    “Oh!” Chloe exclaimed. “I have to find my sister!”
    Captain Finchley’s eyes widened. “Your sister is here, too?”
    Had he forgotten already? “Doro. Miss Billingsworth.”
    “Ah! Your friend. Miss Billingsworth, I am told, was escorted home by a clerical gentleman, and wants you to know that she is unharmed. I expect she will be relieved when you arrive home safely.”
    “Oh, we don’t live together. I live with my brother, and Doro is staying with her step-mother. Our stepmother, I suppose, except she married my step-father after I had already gone to live with my uncle.”
    “Another interesting story, I perceive. But perhaps we could save it to beguile the walk back to wherever it is your brother resides?” He held out his hand to help her up. “Do you have a leash for your little furry friend?”

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