5 Reasons Planning Doesn’t Work

Sigh. You may have noticed I like to plan my life. I think I’m good at it, but I’m deluded. I try to plan, I really do, but there are reasons planning hasn’t worked this summer: Weather. Specifically, heat is disruptive. My glorious office with windows down three sides becomes a stifling greenhouse when the […]

Bean Counting and Productivity

Once you publish a book or, if you’re fortunate, books, you’re not just creating, you’re running a business. You find yourself with a full complement of tasks that have nothing to do with writing. The sales, customer service, and marketing departments of that business can easily swamp the creative and editorial departments, demanding and getting […]

Five Reasons I Hate Monday

Well, who doesn’t? You would think someone who is retired would not distinguish between weekends and, well, Monday.  As it turns out, old habits die hard, and, well the rest of the word still works weekdays. While there may have been some easing, Monday is still Monday. Why do I hate it?   Plans and […]